The Islamic Scholar Professional
The Islamic Scholar Professional
Islamic Software on CD-ROM For Windows
OVERVIEW An information packed, powerful, easy to use versatile Islamic software package to learn more about Islam. It combines leading translations of the Qur’an, Hadith, History of Prophets, Islamic History, Muslim Contribution to the World and more in a simple, intuitive, easy to use Windows compatible interface.
FEATURES Multimedia
· Three clear recitations of the entire Qur’an in Arabic and English on a single CD-ROM.
· Over 85 hours of sound
· Video Clips
· Clipart
Fast Search Technology
· Search for any word or phrase in any reference quickly.
· Go to any surah, verse or reference quickly.
· Now includes a new Advanced Search feature.
· Thousands of indexed references.
· Save the position of your last reading so that you may go back and start from that point the next time you use the program.
· Allow you to perform a task with a single mouse click.
· Includes ToolTips.
· Print to any standard Windows compatible printer.
Copy to Word Processor
· Copy any text to your favourite word processor.
· Arabic text can also be copied.
Powerful, User Friendly, Easy To Use Interface
· You don’t need a degree to use this program.
· Designed with the non-technical computer user in mind.
  · Full colour Arabic Script - Uthmani Script
New · Second Arabic Script - Pakistani Script
  · Recitation of the Entire Qur’an by Qari Abdul Basit
New · Recitation of the Entire Qur’an by Sheikh Hudaifi
New · Recitation of Yusuf Ali's English translation
Updated · Yusuf Ali Translation
New · Yusuf Ali Commentary
  · Pickthall Translation
Updated · Mohammed. Muhsin Khan Translation
New · Muhsin Khan Commentary
  · Daryabadi Translation
  · Transliteration
New · Foreign language translations - French, German, Spanish, Malay, Indonesian
New · Background information on every sura
  · Arabic Font
  · English Synchronized with Arabic
  · Sound fully synchronized
  · Compare translations
  · Subject Index
  · Way to the Qur'an
New · About the Qur'an
New · Muhsin Khan Appendixes
Ahadith / Fiqh
Updated · Sahih Bukhari with index
Updated · Sahih Muslim with index
Updated · Sunan Abu Dawud with index
New · Sunan Ibn Majah with index
  · Mishkat
New · Imam Nawawi's 40 Ahadith - Arabic, English and Sound
New · 40 Ahadith Qudsi - Arabic, English and Sound
  · Muwatta of Imaam Malik
New · Fiqh Us Sunnah (Complete) with index
Updated Islamic Terms
Prominent Muslims
  · Caliph Abu Bakr (RA)
  · Caliph Umar (RA)
  · Caliph Uthman (RA)
  · Caliph Ali (RA)
  · Sahabah
New · Imam Hussein
New · Wives and Daughters of the Prophet (SAW)
Updated · Other Prominent Muslims
New · Stories of the Sahaba
History of Prophets
  · The Holy Prophets
New · Stories of the Prophets- Ibn Kathir
Letters, Treaties & Documents
  · Muhammed (SAW)
New · Abu Bakr (RA)
New · Umar (RA)
New · Uthman (RA)
New · Ali (RA)
Islamic History
  · Life of Muhammed (SAW) - Brief History
New · The Life of Muhammed (SAW) - Haykal
New · Chronological History (Detailed)
New · Major Battles in the History of Islam
New · Message of the Prophet's Seerah
Muslim Contribution To The World
Islamic Clipart / Windows Wallpaper
Updated · General Clipart
New · Bismillah Clipart - over 190 "Bismillahs"
New · Islamic Art/Calligraphy
New Sermons of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW)
New · Arabic, English, Sound
New · Sermon at Tabuk
New · The Hajj Sermon (Last Sermon)
New · Sermon at the battle of Uhud
  · Azaan
  · Eid Takbir
  · Hajj Talbiah
  · Dua
New · Various Qir'aah by many Qari's
New · Various Nasheeds/Qasidahs
New · Over 60 different sounds
Other Basic Material Like
  · Islam At A Glace
  · The Last Sermon
  · Human Rights in Islam
  · Rights of Islamic Brotherhood
  · Moral System of Islam
  · About Allah, etc.
New · Many new articles like Islamic Leadership, Concept of Ibadat, Self Examination, etc.
New Introduction To Islam
New Muslim Beliefs
New Understanding Islam and Muslims
New Economics
New · Guide To Business
New · Islamic Economic System
New Human Rights and Obligations
New Matrimonial Guide
New Dawah
New Kalima's and Duas
New Arabic, English and Sound
New Guide To Food Ingredients (Halal/Haraam)
New Videos
The Holy Qu'an- Text View
The Holy Qur'an - Text View
The Holy Qur'an - Graphic View With Uthmani Script
The Holy Qur'an - Graphic View With Uthmani Script
40 Ahadith Qudsi
40 Ahadith Qudsi
A MUST FOR ...  · Every Muslim Home
· Teachers
· Students
· Ulama
· Imaams
· Hufaaz
· Madrassa's
· Islamic Organisations
IDEAL AS ... · A gift of knowledge
· Graduation gifts
· Jalsa prizes
· A wedding gift
· Investment in a child's future
· An educational alternative to games
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Basically, a standard computer with a CD ROM drive is required to run "The Islamic Scholar Professional". For the technically inclined, the specifications are as follows:
· Pentium or higher computer
· Mouse
· CD ROM drive
· Sound Card (and speakers)
· Hard Disk (to start the program only)
· 8Mb Ram or more
· MS Windows '98 or Windows XP