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Lectures on Islam and Contemporary Issues (Volumes 1 to 4)
Moulana Ebrahim Bham

Lectures on Islam and Contemporary Issues (Volumes 1 to 4)

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Volume 1
1. Meraj
2. Taubah
3. Clash Of Civilisation
4. Why Fast?
5. Date Palm And The Believers
6. Taubah (Repentance)
7. Hadrat Essa (AS)
8. Harms Of Backbiting
9. Rights Of Women
10. Our Youth
11. Cleanliness
12. Letters to Kings Part 1
13. Letters To Kings Part 2
14. Virtues of Salaah
15. The Role Of Women
16. The Problem of Crime
17. Adultery
18. The Middle East
19. The History of Muslim Spain
20. Imaan, Islaam and Ihsaan
21. Hijrat
22. Racism

Volume 2
1. Blessings Of Ramadaan
2. Conquest Of Jerusalem
3. Crisis In Gaza
4. Dialogue
5. Difference Of Opinion
6. Fatherhood
7. Harms Of Disputes and Arguments
8. Harms of Interest
9. Inflation
10. Inspiration From Sahabah RA
11. Laylatul Baraat
12. Mercy Of Allah
13. Mercy Unto Mankind
14. Relationships With Non Muslims
15. Sincerity - Basis Of All Good Deeds
16. The Community
17. The Effect Of Imitation
18. The Greatness of Umar RA
19. Youth and Sport - Youth Convention
17. The Greatness Of Umar RA

Volume 3
1. Avoding Disputes
2. Dhul Hijjah
3. Evaluate Yourself
4. Freedom
5. Good Conduct
6. Hadhrat Uthman (RA)
7. Holidays And The Hidden Dangers
8. Importance Of Dawah
9. Jealousy And Its Vices
10. Morality In Islam
11. Muharram And Ashurah
12. Remembering Allah
13. Status Of A Musjid
14. Status Of Nabi (SAW)

Volume 4
1. Virtue Of Imaan
2. Cleanliness - Its Importance
3. Virtues Of Jumuah
4. Hadrat Bilaal RA
5. Sahabah And Ahle Bait
6. Hadrat Saad Bin Abi Waqaas
7. Abu Ubayah Bin Jarrah (RA)
8. Accountability and Weighing Of Deeds
9. Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz (RA) - Part 1
10. Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz (RA) - Part 2
11. The Virtue Of Salaam
12. Preservation Of The Quraan
13. A Blissful Marriage
14. Companions Of The Cave
15. Lessons From Jerusalem
16. Aspects Of The Media
17. Challenges Facing Parents
18. In The Midst Of Moral Decay
19. Racial Harmony

About Moulana Ebrahim Bham
Moulana Ebrahim I Bham, is a well respected community leader in South Africa. After completing the Hifz of the Qur'aan he went on to obtain a Shahaadah Aalimiyaah (an MA in Islamic Studies) from Jamiatul Uloom Al Islamiyyah in Karachi, Pakistan.

He has taught at various institutions since 1983. He is currently the Imaam of the Hamidia Musjid, Newtown, Johannesburg (since 1983) and is the secretary general of the Jamiatul Ulema (Council Of Muslim Theologians, Johannesburg, South Africa). He is also a founder member and vice chairperson of the Johannesburg Muslim School, an executive
committee member of the National Religious Leaders Forum (in South Africa), a trustee of the Moral Regeneration Movement and an executive member of the United Ulema Council Of South Africa.

He has assisted and lectured in various programs throughout the world. Some of these countries include Somalia, Sri Lanka, Al-Quds, Malawi, UK, Turkey, Egypt, USA, Canada and Australia.


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